Starlight Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights on Carey’s Lane shine brightly in this long exposure shot.

The exposure is so long that crowds of people walked past, some apologising, without evening showing up on the final image! The only person visible is a homeless guy sitting in a doorway. I love how the Christmas lights came out in this. f/22 does lovely things to points of light.

This was taken one evening while in town and I had a few moments to spare. Get out the camera, crouch down and put the wallet under the lens to point it up a bit. Perfectly still, without a tripod!

While I shot this I realised where this photo was taken! See the No Parking sign?

8 thoughts on “Starlight Christmas Lights

  1. I love the low point of view of this. It’s almost like a childs-eye-view of the christmas lights.

    I don’t think I’d be brave enough to use my wallet as a tripod though! 🙂

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