Through the long grass

Hard wind worn grass grows by the beach at Wine Strand in Co. Kerry. I think this is perfect in black and white.
The blue sky was amazing but the light and shadow of the grass stands out against the uniform background.

I shot my first sports stuff in ages yesterday. A few of us from Mallow Camera Club made it to the Cobh Ramblers game against Dundalk and had free reign to walk around the perimeter of the football pitch.
I was almost hit a few times by the ball, including one time near the goal when I was zooming in on the action, with the camera in burst mode. I spotted the ball heading my way in the frame and stepped to the side a lit second before the ball landed where I was standing. Phew. Got the pic too 🙂
More about the day’s shooting during the week!




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    Flickr: JohnFinn October 21, 2007

    Fine pic. Not so sure about the oof strand of grass at the bottom though.

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    Flickr: reds on tour October 21, 2007

    Yes it does work well in black and white

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