Around this way, not that way

Drivers can be so confused by road signs. Drive this way, drive that way. Those roundy signs with the big numbers surrounded by a red border must be the worst offenders, I mean, hardly anyone obeys them. What were they thinking when they put them up can anyone tell me?

Head on over to if you want to rant. You’ll be very welcome there!

Oh, this was taken in Wilton, Cork. Anyone from the city will recognise this I’m sure!




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    Flickr: trilo August 15, 2007

    Well in fairness the roundy sign would be quite obvious. it means you can’t spin around there onto the other side of the road going the other way. Ya’ll need to go down to the roundabout i persume.

    I can’t think those signs at the moment, never noticed them before as far as i can remember, but ya never know i may take a look out the next time i swing by.

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    Flickr: xeer August 16, 2007

    Thanks for the notes dave 🙂

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    […] has seen a small accelleration in signups and posts exposing poor driving lately. Cormac also gave the site a mention on his InPhotos site, so yeah – as it’s getting a bit more exposure, I must have a look at tidying up the layout […]

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    NIall O'K August 23, 2007

    Er… Meant to say Donncha… Singer/songwriter Cormac O’Caoimh‘s CD was sitting in front of me, … honest!

    I’ve ‘fixed’ it.

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    Blaster Makenzie October 5, 2007

    That signposting is wronly placed, unclear and unnoticeable, all at the same time. Drivers can hardly appreciate when driving past them. They’d be bigger and more conspicous. The correspondent authority should come out and see it to mend such a mess up right now¡¡¡

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