Pink Flowers

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Pink flowers in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork blaze with colour on a lovely Sunday afternoon. They’ve done a great job in the park where very nice layouts of flowers can be seen over by the museum. Presumably with the intention of avoiding the kids congregated at the other end of the park at the swings and slides!

A few days ago I blogged about Spencer Tunick and wondered aloud how he organised such large groups of naked people. Well, if you have Sky+ then check out “Sky Anytime” where they have Naked States, a documentary following him around from New York where he was arrested to Boston and elsewhere. I’ve only watched the first 20 minutes but it’s turned out to be an interesting look into Tunick’s life.




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    Roger Coss July 8, 2007

    To learn more of Spncer and his art come to our site We hvae accounts by models, news and participant photos and the most up to date info of any site on where and what Spencer is doing next.

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    Matty July 8, 2007

    Lovely photo!

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    David Cohen July 8, 2007

    Love this, very nice Donncha

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    Donncha O Caoimh July 9, 2007

    Thanks Matt and David. The colour of the flower bed just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go until I photographed it!

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    Flickr: blondegal2005 July 8, 2007

    Wow!!!! Love these colors…so vibrant and beautiful!!!!

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    Flickr: Andici July 8, 2007

    (1-2-3 Nature)

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    Flickr: sandysshots July 9, 2007

    I like the composition here and love the colors!

    (1-2-3 Nature)

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    Flickr: toffeespin July 9, 2007

    wonderful colours and composition, i especially like the DoF.

    Your work has inspired me!!
    You are INVITED to post it in…

    The Nature Group

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    Flickr: jennn July 10, 2007

    Wow! Flower shots can so easily be boring, but yours is so interesting! Eye-popping colors and great composition.

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    Jenn Vargas July 25, 2007

    Donncha, this is an absolutely GORGEOUS photo! Well done!!

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    Flickr: Leanne829 October 7, 2007

    Great capture! Please consider adding it to:

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    kurnia wibawa November 9, 2007

    love big pink flowers. cantik(gorgeous)

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    Millie January 25, 2008

    they are beautiful

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    Flickr: skatemore1217 January 31, 2008

    way to use that macro boyy

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    rippe June 1, 2008

    wow!!!!!! thats cool

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    Flickr: Little_Willow February 13, 2009

    very beautiful!

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    Flickr: MJSPhotog April 17, 2009

    This picture could not be anymore perfect ! Excellent

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