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New Age Folk in Bishop Lucey Park

New Age Folk in Bishop Lucey Park

The hippies were out in force in Bishop Lucey Park on Saturday as the new age folk made their presence felt at a “Peace in the Park” mini festival. I have to admit to being just a little cynical at events like these. Thankfully tarot readers or aura photographers were nowhere to be seen, although some guy was pontificating about what the “ordinary person didn’t know”, etc etc, and there was a Shell to Sea stall manned by a lonely girl clutching her baby. Even Frank was there and just as surprised as us by it. It wasn’t publicized at all.

Just behind the Onion Seller was a wigwam with people beating drums inside, and up at the other end near the fountain a stage was set up and music could be heard all over the park.

A comment on the Onion Seller post above makes the point that Bishop Lucey Park is not actually the same park as The Peace Park. I knew this park had been named after Bishop Lucey, but thought it was given the name, “Peace Park” as a nickname. This article clears things up. The Peace Park is on the Grand Parade, I presume down by the National Monument although there’s hardly any grass left there, if at all?

Ah, my wife Jacinta has the answer. It’s that patch of grass between South Mall and Grand Parade where there’s a monument to fallen soldiers (I think). It’s currently a building site which is why I had forgotten it.

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ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/100s
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Pink Flowers

britepic_caption=”Pink Flowers”;

Pink flowers in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork blaze with colour on a lovely Sunday afternoon. They’ve done a great job in the park where very nice layouts of flowers can be seen over by the museum. Presumably with the intention of avoiding the kids congregated at the other end of the park at the swings and slides!

A few days ago I blogged about Spencer Tunick and wondered aloud how he organised such large groups of naked people. Well, if you have Sky+ then check out “Sky Anytime” where they have Naked States, a documentary following him around from New York where he was arrested to Boston and elsewhere. I’ve only watched the first 20 minutes but it’s turned out to be an interesting look into Tunick’s life.

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