Heatons Awaken Your Senses

I jumped at the chance to make this photo when I saw the colour of the Heatons bag and the Super Valu advert on the bus shelter. Only later did I notice just how well the red or wine colours match!
Is there a subtle marketing ploy at play here?




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    that’s some amazing capture ~ :))

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    Flickr: K's Photo's May 16, 2007

    Welll spotted

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    Flickr: Trostan May 16, 2007

    and does the car in the background have the same colour ?

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    Flickr: xeer May 16, 2007

    Trostan – I thought it might be the same colour, but I thought it might be going a little far claiming that I had asked someone to drive past just at this exact moment so I could take a photo so I didn’t mention it 🙂

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