Feline eyes stare at me

I love cats. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as rubbing a cat’s soft fur while he basks in the heat of the sun. Some people hate cats however and I’m non-plussed. Perhaps it’s a primal instinct in them?

This is a friend’s cat as he was eating from a bowl. It’s my desktop picture!

10 thoughts on “Feline eyes stare at me

  1. Question: How do you get your cat to stop taking naps on top of your $2400 notebook.

    Answere: Simple. buy a used notebook of the same model off ebay… and give it to the cat.

    I’ll snap a picture the next time she’s asleep on her bed (notebook).

  2. I’m definitely not a cat-lover but that’s a great close-up. Although the eyes look like they’re saying “this is my food, touch it and die!”.

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