Ireland V England at Croke Park

Ireland played England in rugby at Croke Park yesterday, and Ireland won, 43 points to 13!

This was an historic occasion. Landsowne Road, where rugby and soccer matches are normally played is being renovated. Croke Park is the headquarters of the GAA, the native Irish sports of football and hurling. Playing “foreign sports” there was like someone desecrating holy ground. Not that that stopped American football being played there a few years ago. I guess some sports are more foreign than others. It literally took years for this to happen. I kid you not. Year after year, the issue of “foreign sports” came up at GAA meetings and it was only recently they allowed them in. Bravo!

Anyway, to pile insult upon injury, the first second rugby game there would be Ireland vs England. Republican supporters were up in arms during the week. “800 years!” “Bloody Sunday!” “1916!” “Black and Tans!” Imagine, “God Save The Queen” would be played in Croke Park? It’s hard to fathom but it’s all over now.

This is the closest I got to the match. We were in town, I wandered around a bit with my camera before heading home and watched a DVD, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a wacky film. I loved it! Yes, I don’t have much of an interest in sport.




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    Fergus O'Rourke February 25, 2007

    Thanks. I was hoping that it was in a nightmare that I experienced Frnace beating us in Croke Park two weeks ago. So, the Grand Slam is still on ?

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    elly parker February 25, 2007

    The first game played there was actually Ireland – France two weeks ago on 11th Feb. Now that one was emotional, never seen so many players shedding a tear during the anthems…

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    Donncha O Caoimh February 25, 2007

    Shows how much I know, I though the Ireland-France game was a soccer one. Oh well 🙂

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    Michael Malone February 25, 2007

    The first time the English National Anthem was played in Croke Park was during the Special Olympics. People tend to hype things out of proportion at times

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    Donncha O Caoimh February 25, 2007

    Actually, I heard on the radio a few times already that “God Save the Queen” wasn’t played at the Special Olympics at all. A quick Google search took me to this page where Deiseach says, “I’m pretty sure the simple answer is ‘no’. If every country that competed had had their anthem played, they’d have been there for days.”
    Even the Guardian repeated that the anthem was played at the Special Olympics too so it’s a pretty widespread misconception.

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    Carrigaline February 25, 2007

    “Republican supporters were up in arms during the week.”

    That’s not true at all, the vast majority of Republicans either supported the the playing of God Save the Queen or simply didn’t care. Other than hearing about some loony RSF members protesting outside the ground, I don’t know of a single Republican who opposed the playing of the English anthem.

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    Donncha O Caoimh February 25, 2007

    I guess it was the same loonies I heard on the radio then 🙂

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    Miroslav February 26, 2007

    “Republican supporters were up in arms.”

    Oooh… wouldn’t have phrased it that way myself.
    Weren’t all arms decommissioned? 🙂

    Love the site btw

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    Matty February 26, 2007

    I hope they bloody well ban the Irish National Anthem from Twickenham. You might refuse to play us, which would save me a lot of embarrassment….

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    Robbin February 27, 2007

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a DVD of this match. I have a dear Irish friend who was travelling on “Bloody Saturday” and would love to keep it for imortality, and doubtless trot it out at every oportunity.

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    GAry February 28, 2007

    “OH ,come on you boys in green” What a win for the Irish and hard luck to the English the boys in green just wanted it more.!!!

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    .. March 1, 2007

    […] Ireland V England at Croke Park […]

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    Stephen Madden March 5, 2007

    God Save the Queen was NOT played during the Special Olympics. It just goes to show how if something is repeated often enough it becomes truth. The Union Jack was displayed as the British team came out. That was it. How this myth was let propagate is beyond me.

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    nathan May 30, 2007

    england are crap and will never beat Irland

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    David January 18, 2008

    What at nathan .Everything or just rugby and football

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    UP March 28, 2008

    Did you know that London will be hosting the 2012 Oylympics? Very exciting!

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    HELP March 7, 2010


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