Oh those lines!

Pedestrians gather at the traffic lights on Grand Parade and wait to cross a busy city-center street. Yes I got a few funny looks as I crouched down with my camera but I’m used to it by now!

This was a construction site a few months ago but work is progressing well and most of the work is done.

This was an entry in the MCC Patterns around us competition a few weeks back.

The city shoot last night with the club was a great success. I didn’t have a tripod with me and in the dark that posed a challenge sometimes but at other times it was a blessing. There’s enough street furniture to rest a camera on if needed.




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    Flickr: carrigman December 12, 2006

    carrigman has posted a comment:

    Excellent shot.

    Oh those lines!

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    stephen August 6, 2007

    hey friend.. may i have permission to use this pic for some cool artwork i designing for my band? it would really mean a lot


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