Looming over the building site

A tall crane looms over the building site of The Elysian, a new high-rise building that will house offices, apartments, a shopping center and underground parking. The main tower of the new building will be 17 storeys high, taller than anything else in the city.

Over a year ago I took a photo of the building site as it was then for the US Book. As you can see, they’ve dug the foundations and started on the main tower.

This picture was taken from the top of a 4 storey car park which gives you some idea of how tall that crane is!




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    micki November 27, 2006

    Such massive construction!! Great day for this shot, the sky adds to the scene well.

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    navin November 27, 2006

    Great shot. Geat perspective

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    Flickr: carrigman November 27, 2006

    carrigman has posted a comment:

    I passed by here this evening. It’s going to be one massive building (for Cork..an itsy bitsy teeny one for Manhattan).

    Looming over the building site

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    .. December 6, 2006

    […] I live in a city where the tallest building is one that < href=”https://inphotos.org/looming-over-the-building-site/”>will be 17 floors high so when I travel to far off lands it’s always great to see tall skyscrapers looming over the streets. […]

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    .. December 9, 2006

    […] Yesterday the Elysian’s tower reached the 18th floor, 72m above sea level and one of the tallest buildings in the country. Apparently St Finbarre’s Cathedral is 75m to it’s central spire but there won’t be a 2400sq ft penthouse at the top of that! […]

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    .. December 11, 2006

    […] The Elysian building site […]

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    Tim Donovan December 15, 2007

    hi,can you please give me a PDF of the attached picture looming over the building site.


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