Homely House: Brian and EagleSpirit

Homely House in Dingle

EagleSpirit and Brian pose for a photo on their last day of business running Homely House, a small cafe in Dingle, Co. Kerry. Brian ran it for eight years, while his partner EagleSpirit has been an integral part of the charm of the little establishment for the past four. It closed on Saturday for the last time. They’re off to Hawaii in the next few weeks. Quite a change from Dingle!

They ran a very successful business. I was in Homely House a few times last year when I stayed in Dingle and it had always been packed! Last Saturday, Jacinta and I popped in for a quick snack and a chance to get out of the short-lived shower that morning. EagleSpirit greeted us with a huge smile and we really enjoyed our food. Jacinta is still thinking about the five-berry cake we shared after. Yum!

Good luck in Hawaii the two of you! Go n’eiri an bothair libh!




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    Flickr: carrigman September 29, 2006

    carrigman has posted a comment:

    Super portrait. Lens?

    Homely House: Brian and EagleSpirit

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    Flickr: xeer September 29, 2006

    xeer has posted a comment:

    Thanks! I used the Sigma 10-20 at it’s widest. I wanted to capture them and their surroundings especially as they were so nice to us!

    Homely House: Brian and EagleSpirit

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    .. January 18, 2007

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    Bernadette February 5, 2008

    Nice! I’m coming to Ireland one day! ~Bernadette from USA/ALabama

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