The Sexy New County Hall

Grabs your attention doesn’t it? Exciting design isn’t it? Wonderful work of engineering eh? Well, ok, it’s only the Cork County Hall but it is the tallest storeyed building in the Republic of Ireland at 67m so that must count for something? No?

The County Hall has been renovated over the last few years and does look better than it used to. I saw someone walking around on it’s roof a week or so ago, bet you’d have a great view from up there. Anyone know how I’d do that?

11 thoughts on “The Sexy New County Hall

  1. The building might look great but it’s shite. Trust me! I might be able to get you into the top storey (supposed to be a public restaurant but the councillors decided to keep it for private functions only!) to get some pics. The views are definitely stunning.

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