Reflection on the Spire

O’Connell Street in Dublin is reflected in the polished surface of the Spire. A young teenager leans on the edifice in the shade away from the glaring sun. This was inspired by a shot I saw one another photoblog, can’t remember which one now. Does anyone know the image I’m talking about?

Here’s another picture of the Spire showing it’s full 120m height!

If you’re curious, the Spire can just about be seen from space as Google Maps shows!

4 thoughts on “Reflection on the Spire

  1. I suspect it might have been me: is this the photo you’re talking about?


    I used the Canon kit lense at the time and I suspect that yours is the other side of the Spire to mine – I have the GPO in the reflection and you look as though it’s the Kylemore/Clerys.

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