Six Apart Mark

Niall Kennedy drove myself and Mark Jaquith around on a small sight seeing tour of the local attractions in San Francisco after WordCamp last Saturday.
A visit to the offices of Six Apart proved to be too good a thing to pass up so we posed for a few photos on their door step!

WordCamp was great, I met really nice people, I uploaded a set of photos to Flickr, linked to a few reports on it, and was very glad I got home on Tuesday. Imagine having to put your camera equipment into the hold of an airliner?

3 thoughts on “Six Apart Mark

  1. That was EXACTLY what I was thinking yesterday when I started hearing the breaking news at 6:15. I carry everything in a Lowepro Compu Trekker, which is a sturdy bag, but, it’s usually that packed with kit that things could get very easily damaged in it with a relatively gentle knock in the wrong place!

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