Ferry Building’s Clock Tower

The clock tower of the Ferry Buildings, San Francisco. We had a pre Wordcamp dinner with lots of people in Taylor’s Automatic Refresher.

I was glad to meet many people for the first time, among them Niall Kennedy, Scott Beale, Michelle Clay and Safire.
I guess giving me business cards is a good way of getting a link out of me! Thanks Niall for showing myself and Bryan around the building. Some of the shots came out great, they’ll appear over the next few days!




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    Safire August 5, 2006

    It was great meeting you too! I’m glad I gave you my business card!
    Have a great trip!
    PS. Hope your luggage arrived.

  2. Reply
    micki August 5, 2006

    I like the creative compositon of this image!

  3. Reply
    michelle August 8, 2006

    it was awesome to meet you! i’m listening to polish hip-hop right now.


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