Water falls in Blarney

A river runs near my home in Blarney and a small stream feeds it as it meanders through a nice wooded area on my doorstep.

I froze the water in this image as it fell into the river while we were out for a walk there a few weeks back. It could be better but it’s my first go at this in a long while. Freezing water in motion in a kitchen sink is a lot easier than when you’re outside and there are so many unknown elements.

One last note, my linux.ie email is down right now. If you’re trying to get in touch, use donncha @ inphotos.org instead!




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    micki May 6, 2006

    Love this crisp shot!

  2. Reply
    Paxton Prints May 7, 2006

    Great catch!

  3. Reply
    Lyriann May 7, 2006

    The river runs black…

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