Red Dragon

A Welsh flag pictured inside a window. This is just down the road from St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral in Cork and is probably student accommodation because it’s close to UCC too.




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    Micki April 19, 2006

    Love all the red in today’s post! Great photo!

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    Donncha April 19, 2006

    Thanks Micki, so do I! I was parked across the road from this house and in a hurry didn’t borther taking a photo of it even after noticing the flag in the window. When we got back to the car later Jacinta suggested I take a shot of it.
    There was an ugly alarm fixed to the wall near the window but the clone tool made short work of getting rid of it!

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    Johnny Jazz April 19, 2006

    Very colourful image. I’m going to have to spend some serious time browsing your blog. I love Eire, but I’ve only ever seen Cork as I’ve passed by in the Swansea car ferry. It looks lovely.

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    John April 22, 2006

    United Celts, nice shot, well seen.

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    Flickr: pilipala9 January 8, 2007

    pilipala9 has posted a comment:

    I love this photo!

    Red Dragon

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    Tia Polaca February 12, 2008

    Great picture, vivid colors
    Thumbs Up 😉

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    Flickr: Soniko February 3, 2009

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Freedom fighters of the oppressed peoples, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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