The changing face of Cork City

O’Flynn Butchers used to operate from this shop until very recently. With the influx of immigrants into Ireland, North Main Street has become a lot more interesting with shops dedicated to the cuisine of other cultures!




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    James April 17, 2006

    Now if only you can find a 1970’s photo of that shop with an old fashioned VW Beetle parked outside 🙂

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    Micki April 17, 2006

    What a great photo, a variety to admire.

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    Gareth Marlow April 17, 2006

    Interesting thought. I live in the part of Cambridge with the most diverse ethnic community, and until the early hours you can walk into an asian supermarket or a turkish takeaway and get a whole range of stuff, easily. But I do regret the fact that the small, independent butchers and fishmongers are being squeezed out by the supermarkets.

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    Donncha April 17, 2006

    We went in there today and there’s a great range of foodstuffs which I have never heard of nor seen!

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