Not happy in the rain

Moments after my previous shot another group ran for cover from the downpour!
Definitely not “singing in the rain” this morning!




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    Micki March 8, 2006

    No, they are not singing, are they? Glad you posted this one in color…it’s a very pretty scene.

  2. Reply
    Phil March 8, 2006

    The tall buildings make a great backdrop. This place must be beauitul when its sunny; a small haven from the busy streets.

  3. Reply
    Gavin March 8, 2006

    Phils right, it looks like a really nice place. I like the way the only signs of life in these streets are right up close, where as behind them theres noone.

  4. Reply
    coffeelover March 12, 2006

    Another lovely image. The rain really adds a cold feeling to everything.

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