Old Navy’s Fred

If you wander into the Old Navy Store on State Street in Chicago you may bump into Fred. He has worked there for years, he’s very patient, nice and accommodating and did his level best to help us get the best bargains while shopping!
This isn’t a great photo, it was a candid photo taken in bad light and the focus settled on the background but I had to include him as a nice memory of our trip.

9 thoughts on “Old Navy’s Fred

  1. Actually, I don’t think the focus point is too much of a problem for the shot. It conveys that Fred is certainly a busy bunny, he’s talking on the phone and trying to serve someone who’s gesticulating at him at the same time (the moving hand).

    I think it’s a great catch. Did he say anything about you taking the picture?

  2. I’ve never seen fred at old navy before, I wonder if he still works there. Nevertheless, old navy is a superb clothing store – it’s one of my most favourite places to shop on weekends.

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