Religion isn’t free

A preacher on State Street, just outside Old Navy. I seem to recall he was there way back in 2003 too.
I didn’t listen to anything he said but as I passed he pushed a sheet of paper into my hand. I made to take it but he wanted a quarter for it! In disgust I walked on. I’m not paying for something I won’t read anyway!
Even the guys with megaphones on Patrick Street give their propaganda for free.
A quick search on Google found out more about him: his name is Samuel Chambers, and he is a very youthful looking 66!

Samuel Chambers only wants the best for you.

So, if necessary, he won’t hesitate to tell you that you’re heading straight to hell.

Perhaps he’s told you that very thing as you were heading, instead, straight into the Old Navy store on State and Washington Streets to buy inexpensive summer tank tops. He’s the compact man, about 5 feet 6 inches with a thin moustache, dressed in a double-breasted suit and tie, holding a microphone out front on the sidewalk.

And finally, here’s a man who’ll give him a “big ol’ French kiss” the next time he walks by. “Pucker up” indeed!

15 thoughts on “Religion isn’t free

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  2. I moved to Chicago in 1988. One of the first things I saw when I went down town was this same man. He is there every day spouting his hateful message in the guise of preaching.

  3. actually it doesn’t matter what Religion you may have, as long as you treat the other person right.::,

  4. I saw him in 1971!! WE were on our first “liberty” from Great Lakes Naval Training Center {boot camp} and there he was,megaphone,signs with his name and letting all the world know the message. That would have been 39 years ago, and he would’ve been 27 at that time, if I subtracted right. It was actually good to see him, as Chicago was kind of scary for me, It’s good to see Mr. Chambers still going strong.

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