Duck: “Who’s that then?”

I love when animals and birds look at you with a tilt of their heads as if inquisitive. What is this duck saying?
“There’s that guy with the camera again! Why does he keeping taking photos of me and my man?”
“What’s that thing he’s pointing at me?”
“I wonder if he has any bread?”
Ah yes, such is the life of a bird in an urban environment!




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    John February 26, 2006

    Nice expression for a duck, It’s definitely stop messing about and give us the bread or I’ll sneeze over you. Nice shot.

  2. Reply
    Gavin February 26, 2006

    hehe, nice shot. I’d definatly go for the bread one, he wants bread.

  3. Reply
    Matty February 26, 2006

    Donncha, nice shot again! Female Mallards are almost always described as drab and they are, from a distance. Up close, though, their plumage is quite striking, almost like tortoiseshell, and you’ve caught it beautifully.

  4. Reply
    coffeelover February 28, 2006

    Lovely color and detail!

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    Gail May 6, 2006

    HI –

    I saw a duck in McKinley Park in Chicago, hanging with a bunch of Mallards and by all rights, was like a mallard, but it had a green head and a completely brown body. Can you send this out en mass to birders with my email address attached. I need help to id it and can’t find matches on the internet. I’m new at this. Help appreciated. Nice picture. I love it when the female mallard just comes at you making so much noise, like – get the heck out of my way.


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