Glendalough Round Tower

A Christian graveyard lies at the base of the round tower at Glendalough. Here’s a detail of a gravestone with the tower in the background.
Looking around, we saw graves from the 19th century, but I’m positive there are older graves.
Way back in 2004, I took some shots of the round tower at Ardmore and that town too. I was slightly nervous at Glendalough because I stumbled over a grave at Ardmore, hitting my Sony 717 off something and it died on me shortly afterwards. Thankfully the same didn’t happen in Wicklow!




  1. Reply
    Dean Sherwood January 31, 2006

    Great capture, very nice angle, first visit to your site. Very nicely presented.

  2. Reply
    Donncha January 31, 2006

    Thanks Dean. Love the portraits on your blog!

  3. Reply
    Gavin January 31, 2006

    Great height & I really like the bit o’ blue in the top left.

  4. Reply
    Paul January 31, 2006

    Great perspective of the tower and Celtic Cross.

  5. Reply
    Glendalough July 3, 2008

    Brilliant picture! Well done.

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