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Waltzers in Crosshaven!

If a Cork person tells you they’re going to the Merries, don’t look at them strangely. They want to go to the funfair!
The Merries in Crosshaven have been there for years, and last September myself and Jacinta went on the Waltzers. It was a slow day, and early in the evening so we were the only occupants and I’d swear the attendent made it go a lot faster than normal!
It was fun for the first minute, but after that my neck got sore, and I just wanted off! We stumbled off shortly afterwards while the attendent sat down for a smoke..

By Donncha

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Found this page by accident – enjoyed looking through the images of Crosshaven. I was born in this village and remember the Merries and I can smell the fish and chips and toffee apples we had after the rides! The family that ran the merries for years was called Piper. Moved on now though old man Piper’s grave in the village has a very fancy headstone depicting the fair the and the joy it brought to everyone.
Thanks again

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