Canon 5D Gotcha?

Canon 5D Gotcha?

Michael Tapes has found what could be a major problem for advanced users of the new Canon 5D. It has a “custom settings” function that records a set of parameters such as aperture and EV so they’re available with the flick of a switch.
The problem occurs when you’re shooting in custom mode but change the settings. The new settings aren’t saved unless you explicitly tell the camera to, but if your camera powers off because of power saving (that’s quite possible, it turns on almost instantly, you’d hardly notice!) your settings will revert to the custom setting again.
I think it could be something that photographers will get used to. This “bug” will either discourage them from changing settings in custom mode, or discourage use of custom mode altogether!
How to fix it? While in Custom settings mode:

  • Don’t let users change settings.
  • Save any changed settings.
  • As soon as a user changes settings exit custom settings mode.

I think exiting custom settings mode is probably the safest way of resolving this. What do you think?
More on this “flaw” on the forum where actual users of the 5D got a chance to air their grievences with Luminous Landscape or Canon! 🙂