Dunnes Stores for Better Value

The old Dunnes Stores on Patrick’s Street is now only a shadow of it’s former self. All that remains of the building is the front facade and a small portion of the side walls.
Construction work on the Paul Street development has levelled most of the back buildings in a square block, exposing the internals of other buildings to the elements.
I spotted photos hanging on the rear wall of a room left open to the elements after demolition. Surreal!

If any business person from Acadamy Street is reading this, can I go to the top of your building and shoot the construction site from on-high? Please!

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  1. Flickr: Traces in the Sand Reply
  2. Gamma Goblin Reply

    I presume you’ll need a Safe Pass to get in there. Any idea’s what they’re turning it into (bare in mind I havent been in the city in months). Is it still going to be a Dunnes Stores?


  3. Flickr: Tim the sailor Reply
  4. Peter Zank Reply

    Nice shot, but I think your banner image is awesome.

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