No climbing the poles

A sign that points upwards? It either forbids drivers from driving down a road, discourages people from climbing up a light pole or local government don’t want people to look up. Your guess is as good as mine. I’m stumped!

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  1. Steven Reply

    Dear Donncha. Very good photos. Thank you for the sign! Yes, I do believe the impossible is possible. Recently, with a small grant from my community and Apple Computer, I have been struggling mightily to make a website about overcoming cognitive disabilities. After one week, I was ready to give up on my site using WordPress, until I read a WP blog that says a professional took three weeks to quickly constuct a site. I am heartened.

    I cannot seem to get Falbum to work or link my photos into any great format on my web site other than Flickr default. In the interest of helping make photography more accessible to everyone, could you point me somewhere that might help. I am a newby, but determined. Thanks again for the wonderful site and your hard work at WordPress.

  2. Emanuela Reply
  3. DaveP Reply

    Goverment has confused you. Sounds to me like they’re doing their job!

    It would be funnier if it weren’t true.

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