Patrick Street Lights

Car lights become abstract lasers of light along the main street of Cork City.

In unrelated news, this morning I had to go to the hospital because something got stuck underneath the eyelid of my left eye yesterday. I could feel it there, my eye was weeping, it was sore and annoying. Thankfully I got to see a doctor after only a wait of an hour or two. He quickly removed the foreign material and sent me packing with a prescription for eye drops which I have to take for 5 days. Yes, I took a camera, and got a great snap of an older gentleman at the local shopping center which I must post tomorrow when I have time. Now to catch up on work..

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  1. Phil Reply

    I love the detail on the ground. Sharp.

  2. Flickr: Reply has posted a comment:

    nice shot.

    That’s my perspective

    Always Raining on Me

    Patrick Street Lights

  3. john Reply

    Amazing shot, I love the raindrops on the floor looking so still and giving a clam feel to the photo, while alongside are the blurred carlights, like lasers, giving a great contrast :) a truly great image.

  4. john Reply

    how fast was that car going

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