The view from St. Peters in Munich

The view from St. Peter's Church in Munich. You can see the roofs of buildings, and the gothic church, Frauenkirche.

St. Peter’s Church, or Alter Peter, in Munich is the tallest building in the vicinity. Local regulations prohibited building taller buildings except for a few years a while back when ugly glass office blocks were built a few kilometres away. That’s the Frauenkirche, a large gothic church in the middle distance.

So, you get a great view of the city, and it was nice to go up there to wait for the sunset. Unfortunately, the sky was mostly clear so the eventual sunset wasn’t that amazing but I loved seeing the city from this vantage point.

Beware, it takes 4 minutes to walk down. I didn’t record how long to get up. My legs were like jelly afterwards!

Focal length24mm
Shutter speed1/250s

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