A poster on a bus shelter proclaims "Freedom, Peace & Energy Indepence. YOU ARE EUROPE" A group of young people are huddled together next to the text reading "YOU ARE EU" An advert on the bus at the bus stop says "THAT@S US BTW!" with an arrow pointing down to the end of a URL.

The bus shelter is adorned with a poster promoting a message of “Freedom, Peace & Energy Independence. YOU ARE EUROPE”, featuring a group of youthful individuals standing beside the text “YOU ARE EU”. This poster can be spotted throughout the EU, and I even noticed a few on the Europe subreddit last week.

Meanwhile, an advertisement displayed on the bus parked at the stop bears the message “THAT’S US BTW!” with an arrow pointing downwards towards the end of a URL. However, I like to think the arrow is pointing towards the individuals featured in the EU poster.

These types of advertisements and posters serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of people across the EU, and the importance of promoting unity and solidarity among diverse communities. The bus itself is a common mode of transportation throughout many European cities, offering a convenient and efficient way to traverse the bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods of these dynamic urban centers.

Focal length24mm
Shutter speed1/500s

By Donncha

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