The Old Weir Bridge in Killarney

A bridge over a small river next to the Lakes of Killarney. Mostly bare trees to be seen on both sides of the river, and the sky is heavy with clouds.

The Old Weir Bridge is a picturesque bridge over a small river near the Lakes of Killarney in Ireland. The bridge is an old stone structure with arched openings, and it looks particularly beautiful against the natural backdrop of the river and trees.

The trees on both sides of the river are mostly bare, which creates an interesting contrast against the dark and heavy clouds in the sky. It’s a moody and atmospheric scene, and the bridge adds a touch of history and charm to the landscape.

It’s a popular spot for photographers and visitors who want to take in the beauty of the area. I highly recommend taking a stroll by the river and checking out the Old Weir Bridge.

Focal length65mm
Shutter speed1/20s

By Donncha

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