Purple Lights and a Pyramid

Purple lights on a tree reflect off the wet ground and a glass pyramid at night

Bright purple lights on a tree reflect off the ground after a friend shower in Málaga. The pyramid is the “Pirámide de Cristal” which is a glass pyramid that is there at least 11 years.

Ancient ruins are visible through the glass, which are apparently, “Roman basins belonging to a salted fish factory from the second half of 4th century A.D. The basins were used to make the fish sauce called garum.” according to wikimapia.

Look to the right of this image and you’ll see a large statue of one of the Kings, as this photo was taken just before January 6th.

Out of shot are the ruins of the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba, a fort built or rebuilt up to the 14th century.

Focal length132mm
Shutter speed1/8s

By Donncha

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