Fountainstown Sunset

Fountainstown Sunset

The beach at Fountainstown in County Cork faces east but in the twilight there’s still a glow in that direction. This was shot with my 50mm lens, really close to the surface of the water there while gentle waves lapped the shoreline.

Unfortunately as a result I had set the focus point so the water would be in focus and today forgot to change it, thus ruining a nice photograph at a family occasion. Then the focus somehow got kicked into manual on my 18-200 lens and ruined another few photos. Oh well.

Love this shot though!

4 thoughts on “Fountainstown Sunset

  1. Its a gorgeous photo! I love the way you focused on the water!! and I live in fountainstown 😀 thats how i found this pic! i love photography and try and get as many pics as i can when i’m out and about! on your next visit to fountainstown you should definetly walk up to the damn when the tide is out, you’d get some amazing photos

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