The Lone Guitar

The Lone Guitar

A street entertainer plays his guitar on Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork last month during the WW photowalk on the 18th.

I have the winners of the hotel rooms for next month’s photowalk. I picked them with the help of Alexa, Laughing Lion and Andrea who picked the first distinct numbers between 1 and 5. Thanks also to Laura, Elliot (might need rounding up?), Ron and Dena who also responded.

And, the winners are (cue drum roll, etc):
1. Pa Dineen
2. Kevin
3. Rudy

I better get on to Damien or Pat and tell them. They’ll probably have to get in touch with the winners next week!

3 thoughts on “The Lone Guitar

  1. I really like how you’ve used the light in this photo. Keeping the guitarist in silhouette against the bright background works really well and there are some great leading lines helping drawing the eye in too.

    I orginally clicked through to leave a comment so it was a nice surprise to be a winner! Thanks! I’m looking forward to it.

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