H&M Cork

H&M Cork

H&M, one of the larger tenants in the new shopping center being built here on Academy Street.

Aperture ƒ/3.5
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 18mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/1600s




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    Will Knott August 11, 2009

    Are you sure that its not Dunnes?

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    Thomas August 11, 2009

    So now they’re expanding in Ireland as well.
    Three years ago when I was in Dublin I actually found it kinda strange that Henry Street was the only H&M branch in the city centre. I mean compared to what we have here in Austria…

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    Donncha August 12, 2009

    Will – true that Dunnes will probably be the biggest shop there but I didn’t know H&M will be there. Sorta big news for the city, even if there’s a lack of money to go around!

    Thomas – yeah, the UK multiples have been slow to come here. Boots got here, oh I don’t know, but in the last 10 years.

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      Thomas August 12, 2009

      Well, H&M isn’t exactly a UK company but I get what you’re saying…

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    richard August 12, 2009

    I think the curved glass facade right behind you in this shot is something beautiful. It is only the slightest bit of innovation (a curve) but it is so beautiful compared to the cubic efforts at modernism that are now in this part of the city centre. When you look at some of the sorry commercial developments in Cork over the last 25 years (merchants Quay, Paul St., North Main Street, Wilton and so on) You’d be forgiven for thinking that Cork had suffered from Blitz bombings! (Not that I’m a traditionalist or anything).

    Still – a good archive shot. It is strange to think that the digging up of Cork city centre (the Main Drainage on St. Patrick Street started 10 years ago).

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      Donncha August 12, 2009

      Richard – I have a few shots of that curved glass on Half Moon Street. Must post them. I have pics of the development too. Must dig them up.

      Found a few links of interest:
      http://www.archiseek.com/content/showthread.php?t=7620 – suggests that Shandon won’t be viewable from Patrick’s Street any more. I’ve taken shots down Academy Street recently and I think they could be right. Here’s an old shot where the Bells are clearly visible.
      Yup, just confirmed that the shiny new curved building hides Shandon from the direction of Patrick’s Street. Today’s pic will be one I took at the to of Academy Street.

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        Thomas August 12, 2009

        Yes the Shandon bells tower is really a landmark. Actually both times when I was in Cork we stayed at Kinlay House which is right next to it..

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