Haircut, pint and hangover pills

Haircut, Pint and hangover pills

So, start off in the College of Hairdressing to tighten up that stylish hair of yours, then off to the “Hi B” for a pint (but turn your mobile phone off!) and then downstairs to Minihan’s Pharmacy for the Alkazelser.

Actually, I don’t like the Hi B. Any pub owner who verbally attacks his customers is a pub I don’t want to frequent. Lovely people in the pharmacy though.

3 thoughts on “Haircut, pint and hangover pills

  1. +1 on all that. I am always tempted to go in for one of the ‘free haircuts’ in the school of hairdressing. I have a tight haircut so it’s hard to get it wrong.

  2. The Hi B struck me as a place too “cool” for me to really enjoy (almost like an exclusive club). But that was almost ten years ago.

  3. The first and last time I was in the Hi B was three years ago, and the barman attacked me for only ordering a coke.

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