Sacred to the Memory

Sacred to the Memory

Death is a sad but inevitable part of life. A gravestone marks the earthly remains of the departed with a brief message recording their passing with, if space permits, a note from the grieving family. All that to sum up the life and times of a person. Seems very inadequate.

In the future of course many of us will leave a digital trail behind us: words, photos, videos, art. Has anyone created a service that finds that trail and packages it neatly on a CD or DVD? Search Google for “Donncha O Caoimh” and you’ll find out a lot about me but it really only scratches the surface.
Better than a few lines on a gravestone however.

Aperture ƒ/4
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/30s




  1. Reply
    richard May 6, 2009

    Jeeze Donncha, a bit grim!

    If you want an eloquent (IMO) marking of your time here the Quaker graveyard on summerhill south is a great place to look at – and photograph. No black marble with gold inlay.

  2. Reply
    Mattias Wirf May 7, 2009

    A beutiful shot, great in black and white.

  3. Reply
    Donncha May 8, 2009

    Oops, it is a bit grim isn’t it? Written late at night when I was tired. It does get me thinking sometimes, what will future generations do with the digital trail of data we leave behind?

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