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Shell To Sea

Shell To Sea

The “Shell to Sea” stand in Bishop Lucey Park during the “Peace in the Park” event a few weeks ago.

Like a lot of people I’m sick and tired of the protests in Co Mayo against the pipeline Shell want to build to bring gas to an onshore facility. This story and photos of an exploded natural gas pipeline in Virginia, USA almost changed my mind. Then I realised there must be tens of thousands of natural gas pipelines and they very rarely blow up in such a spectacular fashion.

Still, does make me think twice about dismissing the protesters as a bunch of crazies.

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The girl in the photograph is called Camille (Ryan – I think). She has two children – one of whom is called Juno. I bet she wouldn’t like this image as she appears to be running her tongue around her gums! I agree on the whole protest thing – before I can empathise I need to know what is the key reason to support the protest? Unlike the CND protests of the 1980’s where the unifying point of protest was clear and easy to communicate the modern protests seem to attract a rent-a-protester who will as happily strap themselves to a pipeline site gate as to a road construction project. These people may preach liberalism but when change is presented they can be very conservative. If you allow yourself to have a number of perspectives on an issue you can see that a motorway might be a very good thing for somebody coming from Leitrim to Dublin for cancer treatment as a gas pipeline might be very useful for people suffering from fuel poverty (in the long run).

To be fair to the girl in the photograph she does cycle nearly everywhere.

Bit of LOMO in this photo?

Thanks Richard for that. Unfortunately it’s the only shot of her and the stand that I have and I wanted to post it. I would love to have had a more flattering shot of her!

I added a vignette around the edges, desaturated a bit, brought the reds and yellows up a bit and sharpened. Sort of like lomo but different.

The pipeline that Shell want to install in Mayo in extremely unusual. If it is built it will transport raw gas from the sea bed to an onshore refinery 9Km inland. It crosses an unstable bog landscape and passes though a residential area.
The pressure in the normal distribution pipeline in Ireland is somewhere between 6 and 20 bar. A car tire is pressurised at 2-4 bar.
The pressure of the proposed Shell pipeline (called a production pipeline) will be at least 144 bar, maybe much more).
An explosion in such a pipeline will kill everyone within at least a half mile.

No one in Ireland gains anything from this project since the gas in the Corrib field has been given away to Shell and its partners (Statoil and Marathon) without any royalty or percentage for the Irish state.

Bord Gais will have to buy the gas at market rates. On the RTE radio show Five-Seven Live on Friday 21 July 2006, David Bunworth, the head of Bord Gais Energy Supply, was asked would the Corrib gas project make any difference to the price Irish people pay for gas. “No, it won’t,” he replied.

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