Digging into the photo archive

I ran a photoblog on ocaoimh.org before I started inphotos.org, and I posted some photos to my blog at Holy Shmoly! too. Unfortunately the first site is no longer around, and the img tags were somehow stripped from many of my posts on ocaoimh.ie while I was running a development version of WordPress a few years ago. Now that WordPress has a native gallery function I think it’s time some of these old images saw the light of day again.

Most images were shot in 2004 and 2005. Some of the scenes photographed back then either look very different now, or have ceased to exist in the case of the petrol pump in Blackpool! Most of them would have been shot with my trusty Sony 717 I expect. Great camera.

(Oh great, the gallery is broken! Must fix later…)




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    Treasa May 1, 2008

    bah. I got all excited about native gallery function for a second there and now I wanna cry.

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    Donncha May 1, 2008

    It does work, but it somehow broke when I upgraded this blog to 2.5.1. Holy Shmoly works ok, and this post with a gallery displays fine. It could be my “don’t show galleries to rss readers” plugin that’s screwing things up.

    Must give this plugin a go. Integrating it with a lightbox effect would be perfect!

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    Donncha May 3, 2008

    Fixed the gallery! An errant plugin was to blame. It filtered “the_content” but instead of returning the post content, it echoed it instead. Bad, bad, bad! Plugin file was “hotlink_builder.php”

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    Donncha May 3, 2008

    ‘Course, now I’m going to delete them all and upload them again. I just installed the gd library so WordPress will create thumbnails.

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    Donncha May 3, 2008

    Yay, gallery works and I have a nice lightbox effect too!

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