Fitzgerald’s Park Bench

A park bench in the lovely and picturesque Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork.

Something awful happened. I went away with my family on a great weekend break on Friday and in the rush and stress I forgot to post some photos for the weekend. I’m catching up!




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    Flickr: uninorth13 March 5, 2008

    Maybe I should get out earlier one morning and do a wakl there searching for spots like these to take photos.. or bring the camera with me if I ever finish early enough to catch the daylight…
    Looks too pictoresque to be in Cork. 🙂

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    Haha, thanks! It was a lovely day though so I was lucky with the light. That part of the park is quite nice, although I guess by now it’d be fairly bare of leaves.

    Could make for a nice creepy shot with all the bare branches?

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