Big brother is watching you

Big brother is watching you, wherever you go! CC TV cameras are sprouting up everywhere.

This one is just outside the AIB in Blarney. I happened to go to the AIB in Blackpool and counted at least 3 cameras near the entrance.

If you happen to use WordPress to power your blog, then grab Blog Voyeur and keep a seedy eye on your visitors.

4 thoughts on “Big brother is watching you

  1. You think thats bad? wait till you hear about the new law demanding ISP’s to store all data for 3 years.

    You can get this 7 min 55 second audio (by me) with 4 minutes of background and 4 mins discussing the implications of this. It comes into effect in less than 4 weeks.

    You can get it here :

    Please feel free to comment on my blog, or email me to get the sources if you want them

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