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On the night when firemen closed off Dorothy Perkins in Cork, a few people saw my camera and presumed I was a photojournalist. Some even asked what was happening but I didn’t know!

Anyway, these two girls wanted their photo taken. They presumed I was with the Evening Echo but I told them photography was just my hobby. Still, got a nice photo considering I was shooting by available light.

I don’t want to be reminded how high I had to shove the ISO to get a decent shutter speed. Thankfully resizing loses some of the noise!

PS. we passed by the shop a few days ago. A sign on the door says, “Closed until further notice”. Does anyone know what happened there?




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    Gamma Goblin January 17, 2008

    When someone asks you whats going on, you always, always, tell them the “escaped radioactive lab monkies” story.

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    Photography Business January 18, 2008

    Wonderful image…almost looks like twins. Thanks for sharing.

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    Collin January 18, 2008

    For Windows there’s a great app called Noise Ninja. Works a treat on digital noise on high ISO images. I don’t know if there’s a Linux/Mac version though.

    Great image anyway!

    I used something similar to Gamma story not so long ago. Photographing a petrol station (at night, available light) someone came up and asked what the **** I thought I was doing.

    Told them there had been a massive petrol leak and I was there to “photograph the petrol fumes diffusing the light” for the next day’s paper…

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    Donncha O Caoimh January 18, 2008

    Yes, I need to come up with an inventive reason for photographing people. “It’s my hobby” sounds so lame. Maybe if I said I was shooting for Hello! magazine?

    I tried Noise Ninja on an image but I can’t remember how well it worked tbh. Bibblelabs has “basic noise reduction” but doesn’t work too well. There is a Linux version of NN too, but cubic interpolation while resizing really does work wonder for removing noise!

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    Flickr: KieranHynes January 25, 2008

    …. must of been a buy one get one free on the coats ….

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    Flickr: frenchsvilla January 25, 2008

    very nice
    nice new shots donnacha

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