Susan’s Fine Silver

During the Christmas rush I went searching for gifts for my wife and the first place I went was Susan’s Fine Silver on Marlboro Street in Cork.

This is Susan’s husband Barry, and that’s Michael replacing merchandise in the window. Both were very helpful and I got two lovely gifts for Jacinta. Thanks for your help!

We popped in there this afternoon because I couldn’t remember Barry and Michael’s names. Lucky we did because Barry hadn’t told his wife that I was posting this picture.

Latest news on the lens is that they’re waiting on a piece from Sigma Japan. So much for it being fixed and in transit. That’s almost 2 months to fix my lens.




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    stpiduko January 9, 2008

    I’m embarrassed. Spent what seemed to me like an eternity living in Cork, but never really took photos

    Love you work here

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    Flickr: frenchsvilla January 8, 2008

    did i see you ion town today Donncha pushing a pram.
    i wasn’t sure half said hello
    so hello!!!

    did somethng happen The Lens???

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    That was probably me if the guy pushing the pram was wearing a blue coat. I had my small camera bag over my shoulder and the camera came out of hiding a few times. My wife was wearing a red jacket.

    We have to organise a day’s shooting in the city for all the Flickr people in Cork some time!

    Yes, my Sigma 10-20 lens is broken. The MF/Auto button fell off and the case is slightly cracked. Then I discovered O’Leary’s Camera World were using two of my images without permission.
    You’d think a camera shop would have some notion of copyright issues?

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    Steve Evans January 19, 2008

    I recommend the views along the river for pics.

    Maybe a trip to the coast for some good scenic shots?

    Now round here all the shops are chains and all sell much the same stock. No independents, now this is a shop to see.

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