I want real spam!

Oh, delicious spam! How I love you so! I want to spread you on sandwiches and lick the knife clean! Oh Yum!

Or not. I’ve never tasted the edible variety of spam, but like everyone else online I’ve had my fair share of spam emails, comments and blogs.

This is the real spam, made by Hormel. I spotted it in a store in San Francisco and snapped a quick shot of the aisle. Unfortunately the light was bad but, if you’ve never come across it before, it’s a novelty worth posting, right?

Current spam stats:
1. Inphotos: 8510
2. Holy Shmoly!: 21689
3. Gmail: 2176

Spam is here to stay.

12 thoughts on “I want real spam!

  1. Hormel Spam doesn’t exactly spread on sandwiches. It’s more the consistency of a ring bologna than of leberwurst. But it slices and fries up very nicely.

    I’m not sure of the regulations for shipping meat from the US to Ireland, but I’ll try to remember to grab a couple of the single-serving pouches next time I see them in the store (retort-packed, good nearly forever) and then figure if there’s a way to ship them to you without causing an international incident.

  2. It would take some spreading, mate! Your best bet would be to slice it, batter it, deep fry it in old lard and then imagine you’re in an English primary school circa 1970!

  3. I’ve got two Spam Singles sitting here with your name on ’em. How long you in ‘zona? Email me an address, and I’ll try to get ’em on the way to you (unless you find your own spam, in which case, I’ll just eat ’em).

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