Daffodils in the sky

Lovely bright daffodils to brighten up your gloomy November Monday morning!

This was taken way back on March 18th this year on the same day I shot these daffodils! The image has been sitting in my WIP folder for months but after my gimp lomo post I decided to post this in a larger format.

Post processing: Auto-levels, gimp lomo and save. Resized version has been sharpened and I could have done more with the dodge and burn tool to bring out the detail in the flowers but this will have to do.




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    […] a little time on my hands this morning I was going through my RSS Subscriptions. Donncha’s post which mentioned Lomography. Not having GIMP I went searching for a Photoshop action, finding […]

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    Josef Renklint November 5, 2007

    Wow, great color complementation.

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    Flickr: al_za3ima November 13, 2007


    love it

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