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GIMP 2.4 is out

The new release of GIMP 2.4 is finally out! Sven announced it on the Gimp User mailing list this morning. It seems like forever since 2.2 was released but he has promised that 2.6 won’t be as long in the making.

The roadmap for GIMP 2.6 will be discussed over the next weeks on the gimp-developer mailing-list. We can only tell you so much now: It is going to rock and it shouldn’t take as long to get it done as it took to finish GIMP 2.4. If you want to join the effort, your help is much appreciated. is fairly slow now but the release notes have the low down on changes since 2.2. Some of the biggest user visible changes include red eye removal, healing tool and a better alignment tool. Plugins and scripts now live in the same place, the “Filters” menu. I’m using the rc3 release in Ubuntu Linux 7.10 and it’s been rock solid for the past few days. I’m sure Ubuntu will update their .deb package in the next few days.

After you update, get the GIMP Lomo plugin I posted yesterday. It’s 2.4 ready! 🙂

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

2 replies on “GIMP 2.4 is out”

cool – didn’t even notice I was using a new version until it was pointed out to me (FC8’s current version is 2.4r3 as well).

I noticed the new cropping selection trick where you can resize the crop afterwards. Didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t in the older Gimp versions until I spotted that as one of the new features. At the time, I just thought “cool! why didn’t I notice this before?”.

unfortunately, the screenshots on the gimp site appear to have been resized linearly instead of something more accurate (bicubic and whatever that new one is called) so they don’t do the tool justice…

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