Why are you photographing that?

It’s a bike on the ground, why are you photographing it? That’s what a group of girls asked me as I crouched down next to this bike. I got the shot though!




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    Collin July 27, 2007

    So, what was your answer?

    “It’s Arty, you wouldn’t understand.”

    “I’m a bicycle wheel inspector and I am recording that this wheel isn’t perfectly round.”

    “Bicycle wheels turn me on.”


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    Detour July 27, 2007

    Yeah, I get that a bit as well – I’m sure we all do. Some people just don’t see the art/beauty in the everyday things.

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    Flickr: nchenga July 28, 2007

    There’s Urs who photographs abandoned bikes:


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    Flickr: Cian Ginty July 29, 2007

    "Why are you photographing that?" – I get that a bit from friends, showing them the results on the LCD mostly gets a positive response.

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    Fred July 30, 2007

    How do you find the Sigma 10-20? I’m debating whether to get that or the Canon 10-22.

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    newnorth July 31, 2007

    it’s beautiful

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    Flickr: barolodrinker August 20, 2007

    Great shot, great use of that Sigma lens…

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