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Capoeira boys

It was the boy’s turn to fight after the girls sparred and these guys were brilliant! As you can see, great fun was had by all!




5 thoughts on “Capoeira boys

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  2. I have to correct you there Donncha, we don’t fight or spar, we play capoeira. Capoeria’s a very nice and friendly martial art! 😉 That’s not to say that we can’t fight, we just play without contact!

  3. Thanks Mel, I was struggling to come up with the right verb because it didn’t seem right, but they used “sparring” in the Wikipedia page so I decided to describe it that way. A few more shots to come, maybe not for a few days though because I haven’t got time to work on more for the time being. Tomorrow it’ll be back to raiding the archives for older shots!

  4. These kids are so fortunate.
    They get to learn Capoeira. Is it tradition to have drums and music?
    I am new to this art, but I find it a total body workout.

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