Pathway to Gallarus

If you visit the Dingle Peninsula you must visit the Gallarus Oratory. It’s an early Christian church, possibly built in the 6th century. There is a visitor centre but don’t be fooled into paying the entrance fee. The building is a national monument and the public have a right to see it. Your entrance fee does pay for a crummy video in a dark and musty room but to be honest it’s not worth it! Continue up the road and you’ll find a path leading directly to the church.
Your taxes pay for the upkeep of the building so why pay another charge to see it?




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    Josef Renklint May 18, 2007

    Nice! I love the colors and the winding path.

  2. Reply
    evane May 19, 2007

    cheers for the flickr import comments plugin…I couldn’t comment on that page so i’ll have to do it here ^_^;;

    BTW that’s a really nice photo! The sky is moody; contrasts well with the vibrant green of the grass. The overall feel I get from the photo is loneliness. Cheers!

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    Evi May 19, 2007

    What a great antithesis here! Moody sky, light greens! Nice scenery!

    Please, feel free to visit and comment my husband’s photo site! You are very welcomed 🙂

    Greetings from Greece

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    joe September 24, 2007


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