The Collins Bookshop

If you walk past this area now, the Amacas Restaurant is in this building on Paul Street, Cork. At the time the building was empty, having been vacated by the Gingerbread House a few weeks previously.
This sign is now gone too, but Collins Bookshop on Carey’s Lane is still there, I think. There’s a fancy glass partition in front of the building now where smokers can sup their coffee and eat their food. A far cry from the previous occupant’s dining arrangements.

I’m a sucker for old and weather beaten signs, street furniture and general rusted implements so I had to get a shot of this while walking past.

5 thoughts on “The Collins Bookshop

  1. I thought about that, but I left it in because it makes it the street so much more identifiable to anyone from Cork. That building glimpsed in the far background is the Crawford Art Gallery!

    Appreciate the comments!

  2. i am an american who has respect for collins and what he stood for.
    eventually want to visit ireland to get a glimpse of where this great man did he fighting. he is an inspiration for anyone wanting a better life for the common man/woman. i’m black and born in los angeles, ca. and he continues to inspire me. was this business once a part of his family?

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